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Cherry Turnovers


For the Turnovers:

· 1 sheet puff pastry or 1 recipe Rough Puff Pastry

· 1 lb cherries, frozen or fresh, pitted

· ¾ cup water

· ¼ cup sugar

· 2 tablespoons cornstarch or arrowroot powder

· Pinch Salt

· 1 egg, beaten

· Optional: 1 tablespoon chopped fresh herbs such as thyme or rosemary

For the Glaze:

· 1 cup powdered sugar

· 2-4 tablespoons orange juice

· Zest of 1 orange


1. Make filling first by: Adding cherries, water, sugar, cornstarch and salt to a cold saucepan. Stir, then turn onto medium heat and bring to a boil. Cook until nicely thickened. If using herbs, turn off heat and then stir in the herbs. Pour into a vessel and cool in the refrigerator until ready to use.

2. Preheat oven to 425 degrees.

3. Roll into a 16” x 12” rectangle, then cut evenly into 8 pieces and roll out each square before filling.

4. Lay a square in front of you, with one point facing you (like a diamond) and use the egg wash to paint the edges. Place ¼ cup cherry filling in the corner nearest you, being careful not to get it in the border with the egg wash.

5. Fold top over and adjust the corners to meet. Use a fork to crimp the edges.

6. Place onto a baking sheet when finished. Brush with egg wash.

7. Bake for 20-25 minute or until golden brown.

8. While turnovers are baking, make glaze by whisking orange juice into the powdered sugar until it is the desired consistency. Stir in orange zest.

9. Let turnovers cool until they are touchable, then drizzle with glaze. Enjoy!

Makes 8