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Miso Soup with Udon


· 4 c. water

· 1 oz. kombu

· 1.5 oz. bonito or 1.5 – 2 tsp. hondashi granules

· 1 oz. dried shitake mushrooms

· 5-6 T. miso

· ½ package tofu, diced large

· 2 nori sheets, cut into large cubes

· 2 green onions, sliced very thin

· 1 package udon noodles, cooked


1. Boil 4 C. water and pour over the kombu in a large pot. Let stand for 4-8 hours.

2. Remove the kombu from the pot and add the bonito flakes or hondashi and the dried shitake mushrooms. Bring to a rolling simmer for 2 minutes then turn off heat and let sit for 20 minutes. Remove the hydrated mushrooms then strain the bonito flakes and any remaining debris out. Slice the mushrooms into thin strips – making sure to remove the stems.

3. Heat the dashi to almost boiling and add the mushrooms and let simmer 10 minutes (do not let the dashi reduce) . Reduce to heat to medium and slowly add the miso. MISO SHOULD NEVER BE BOILED – (LADLE TECHNIQUE)

4. When the miso is dissolved, let simmer gently for 5-8 minutes, then add the tofu and nori. Let simmer 1-2 more minutes

5. Add the udon noodles. Continue to heat on medium until the noodles are hot. Serve immediately. Garnish with the green onions.


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