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  • Pressure Cooker Brie with Honey, Rosemary & Walnuts

    Ingredients · 1 brie round · 1 cup candied walnuts ·1 tablespoon rosemary, chopped · Honey · Crackers Drizzle with honey and top with rosemary. 2. Add one cup water to a pressure cooker.

  • Prosciutto Wrapped Plums with Lavender Honey Drizzle

    Ingredients: · 4 ounces prosciutto · 1 bag prunes aka dried plums · ¼ cup honey · ½ teaspoon lavender Mix honey and lavender together and set aside. 3. Place on a platter then drizzle with honey. Garnish with sage leaves and enjoy!

  • Honey Glazed Chicken, Sweet Potato & Mango Skewers

    Ingredients: · 1 medium sweet potato, peeled and cut into pieces · 1 cup sherry vinegar · ½ cup plus 1 tbsp honey Simmer the vinegar, ½ cup honey, 1tbsp oil, 2 tsp salt and ½ tsp pepper in a saucepan. Toss the pecans in a small bowl with with remaining 1 tbsp honey and 1 tbsp oil, cumin, pie spice, ½

  • Cortney's Healthy Honey-Wheat Bread

    to ½ ounce or 4 ½ teaspoons) 3 cups warm water ½ cup coconut milk powder (or any milk powder) ½ cup honey In the bowl of a stand mixer, add coconut milk powder, honey, wheat bran, wheat germ, flax, oil, salt

  • Baked Brie stuffed with Apricots, Walnuts and Honey

    brie 4 sheets phyllo pastry, thawed 1/2 cup butter, melted ¼ cup Dried Apricots, diced ¼ cup walnuts Honey Drizzle with honey.  Close up any way desired. Note:  Only DRIZZLE lightly with honey – if you use too much it will seep and burn as you bake.

  • Greek Yogurt Dressing

    Ingredients: · 1/3 cup lime juice · 3 tablespoons fresh orange juice · 1 tablespoon honey and pepper, to taste Instructions: To make the dressing; whisk together the lime juice, orange juice, honey

  • Red, White & Blue Bruschetta Trio

    Our Traditional, Strawberry & Honey with Ricotta and Blueberry-Lemon are sure to give everyone a new Ingredients: 3 baguettes Olive oil, as needed Balsamic glaze or honey, drizzle For the traditional: 5 garlic For the Berry Ricotta: 1 pint strawberries or raspberries, diced if strawberries 2-4 tablespoons honey For the berry ricotta: In a bowl, mix together berries, honey and tarragon. Drizzle over the top with honey or balsamic (or both!) and enjoy!

  • Chili Lime Yogurt Fruit Dip

    · ¼ - ½ teaspoon Tajine Classico Seasoning · Juice of ½ a lime · 1-2 tablespoons honey

  • Berbere Chocolate Avocado Pudding

    2 medium avocados · 4 tablespoons cocoa powder · 1 cup coconut milk · ¼ cup honey

  • Baked Brie with Fig Paste

    olive oil · ¼ cup dried figs, diced · ¼ cup fig paste or jam · 1-2 tablespoons rosemary, chopped · Honey Drizzle with honey. Note: Only DRIZZLE lightly with honey – if you use too much it will seep and burn as you bake. 4.